Cotton Candy Tub

Cotton Candy Tub

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Unicorn Tails is a fun mix of Cherry, Grape, Apple and Blue Raspberry flavored Cotton Candy packaged in a tub. This cheerful mix will be the hit of any event. Each tub contains 1.75 oz. of cotton candy and is only 140 calories for the entire tub. 

This delicious treat will make you feel like you have stepped inside your favorite ice cream shop! Banana Split Cotton Candy features 3 layers of flavor: Tasty banana with a layer of chocolate and strawberry. Our exclusive recipe, you won’t find this anywhere else.

This all natural cotton candy features the classic taste of white birthday cake.

Cherry Berry Cotton Candy 3 layers of flavor: Cherry, berry and vanilla cotton candy in a multi-layer tub|Our exclusive recipe, you won't find this anywhere else.

Cookies & Cream This tasty flavor starts with a layer of chocolate, then a layer of vanilla, topped off with another layer of chocolate. You can eat the layers separately or together, just like you would with an Oreo Cookie.

Frosted Donut Cotton Candy Fluffy and sweet, our Frosted Donut Cotton Candy has a classic pastry flavor you'll want to pair with coffee.

Juicy Watermelon Cotton Candy Imagine sinking your teeth into a red, juicy watermelon. We've captured that delicious tasted in spun sugar.

Margarita Cotton Candy Fluffy and sweet, our Margarita Cotton Candy has a delicious tangy citrus flavor that transports you to the beach.

Pina Colada Cotton Candy Imagine basking in the sun on a tropical up this Piña Colada Cotton Candy and you won't be able to put this down. Our mixologists put just the right amounts of coconut and pineapple (all natural) flavoring into this treat.

Pucker Puffs Sour Rainbow Cotton Candy Pucker up! Our NEW Sour Rainbow Cotton Candy packs a flavorful punch.  This combination of sour strawberry, blue raspberry and green apple makes a tasty treat for the sour savant in your life.

Strawberry Cheesecake Cotton Candy Fresh from our new Dessert Cotton Candy Line! This cotton candy features 2 layers of flavor: Creamy cheesecake plus strawberry. Our exclusive recipe, you won't find this anywhere else.


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